Team 3117 robot reveal : STATERA !

Team 3117 is very proud to present Statera !

Amazing robot, as always.
On se voit à Montréal!

Great robot guys, glad to see another triple climb team.

However, please don’t test your robot lift using people, let alone people without proper safety equipment.
The guys in our video were wearing motorcycle helmets when we lifted them.

Good luck this season!

Gorgeous robot! Love the color combo, intake, and lift!

Thanks ! You are totally right for the advice, we will take care of it.

That’s a fantastic-looking bot! I can’t wait to see it in person at Tech Valley.

Thanks, can’t wait to be there ! Will be a pleasure to see you and your team. We just love the New York Tech Valley regionnal. Amazing team, crazy animator and all you can eat buffet for lunch with a social on friday night with great people !!!

Can’t wait to see your robot, last year you guys were amazing by winning ! The semi-final against 20 and 195 was CRAZY !!!

great looking robot and nice lightweight lifting platform.
Can I ask where you sourced your metal members for the frame and others pieces?


We send our CAD at CBR laser in Plessissville

We send our CAD on monday morning, we received an estimate the same day and finally, we receive parts (only laser cut) on friday pm.