Team 3128 Mock Season Game: INFINITE RE-DO

Team 3128 presents our Virtual 2020.5 Season Game, INFINITE RE-DO!

With the season cut short, we created a virtual build season to give our team a bit of structure and keep everyone engaged while in quarantine. Although no robots will be prototyped or built in real life for this mock game, we hope that it will allow our team to continue being productive and give everyone some extra experience.

Members of our Strategy department worked together as a game design committee over the last few weeks to make a game manual and field CAD for INFINITE RE-DO. We split our team up into groups of 5-6 people (1-3 members each from our Mechanical, Controls, and Strategy departments). Each group approaches INFINITE RE-DO in the way our entire team would approach a game on Kickoff: Strategy members assess the most effective ways to score and identify important robot characteristics, Mechanical members complete the design and CAD the robot, and Controls members design a controls system and write the base code for said robot. After a few weeks, each group will share what they came up with.

Feel free to share INFINITE RE-DO with your team, or just use it as CAD practice. The game manual can be found here, with links to the CAD for the field and game elements (made in Onshape) linked inside. I’d be happy to answer any questions or hear any feedback you may have!


I haven’t dug in much, but this manual is hilarious.

BOXES are made out of the same material as SMARTBELLS, but weigh 0.5kg ± 0.25kg due to poor quality control.

Will you be sharing any of the 3128 robot designs?


Possibly, if our team members are willing! We’re giving them until the weekend of May 30th to finish up and put together short presentations.

G10 limits robot height to 10 ft from the top of the bumpers, but the top of the flag pole is 12 ft high for skewering. Is this intentional? The 2020 bumper rules allow bumpers to leave the bumper zone (the robot does a push up) in endgame in their rendezvous point, so do you have to do a push up and extend 10 more feet to skewer?

Had the same question…

FLAGPOLES are made of solid titanium rods anchored 8 feet underground

Perhaps the flagpoles are actually only 4’ above the ground?


Correct, or you could skewer after climbing up a length of the pole to reach that height; climbing is required to get the Altitude Access RP anyways!


Is there a limit on the number of smart bells and boxes a robot can control during teleop?

Yes, G7 says robots may not control more than one box and one smartbell at a time.

What are the dimensions for the platform under the smartbell low goal?

Love the THIRD acronym and the humor of the manual.

This sounds fun! I’ll try and do a bot before y’alls due date!

It’s a 54x27" rectangle elevated 3 inches; we didn’t put the exact dimensions for everything in the manual, but they can all be measured in the CAD linked inside!

Thanks! I asked because I don’t have a computer that can CAD, but that’s the last measurement I needed.
FYI this game is very unique, excellent job

Heres a little leak of what Im working on

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