Team 3132 is looking for FIRST Finale tickets

Hi all,

As many of you know, team 3132–Thunder Down Under–from Sydney, Australia, will be attending the 2010 FRC Championships. Due to cost reasons, we are not staying at a hotel with a FIRST package. However, we would like to attend the FIRST Finale. Does anyone have FIRST Finale tickets that they would like to sell? We need 12-13 tickets so our whole travel team can attend.

Thunder Down Under

P.S. yes, we will be bringing more koalas to the USA.

3168 might have 1 extra ticket.

This is from the usfirst website:
On-site FIRST Finale Ticket Purchase: Teams staying at other hotels can buy tickets
for $45.00 each on a non-refundable, first come - first served basis at the Steele
Meetings Booth in the foyer of the GWCC. Availability of onsite tickets will be
determined by April 1, and will be in limited quantity.

Good Luck! Feel free to stop by Pit 3204!:slight_smile:

Thanks! Our team e-mailed them awhile ago, but we haven’t gotten a reply. Since we are coming from such a long way away, with quite a few people, we are trying to insure we will get enough tickets to attend.

We’re coming from NYC and we have a similar problem. We will probably just buy them Wednesday night or Thursday morning

If my student really does completely back out- you are more than welcome to just have one of ours.