Team 316 The LUNATECS: Robot Reveal

Team 316 is happy to release our 2023 Charged up robot. Feel free to ask any questions at all and we’ll be happy to answer.

Competing at
Week 3 Robbinsville
Week 5 Bensalem


Hello! are you guys using the thrifty elevator? If yes, what is the gear ratio of it?

We are using a combination of WCP inline bearing blocks, Thrifty pulleys, Thrifty chain mounts, and our gussets/tensioner.

There are two gearings in the video. Early on we were geared 21:1 but we’ve since sped it up to 12:1. Both on a single Falcon

Just a quick note from programming even with the motor in break mode and a Vulcan spring we still had to code a lock mode in code using a PID loop to keep the elevator in position and now drifting down

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