Team 3161 Website Refresh

I redesigned my team’s website:

Please give me your thoughts and critiques, thank you!

For reference, here is the old design:

Pictures and info about the robot on your 2011 page return info about your 2018 robot.

Other than that, the website looks great!

I really like the theme but feel the layout would work well for mobile, but if you had all the dropdowns on the top of the site so you could see them all it would be more desktop frieldly.

Other than that its dope

I agree with Brian, the desktop version of the site should be touched up a bit. Instead of hiding the options in a “hamburger menu”, have them visible across the top like your old website. Otherwise it’s fantastic!

(There is also that hard line between the community section and the 2018 season section on the main page when scrolling that kind of jumps out as an anomaly as all the other sections sort of gradient into one another.)

Changed the header, thanks!


That was quick! I like it. Looks good on desktop!

I just checked it out on mobile and the

TEAM 3161

on the home page is a bit screwed up. All the letters are overlapping each other to try and fit on the screen.(Samsung Galaxy S5)

I love how the website turned out (hope the different critiques in #imagery on Discord helped out :slight_smile: ). Couple small peeves for me and some grammatical stuff:
On the homepage…
…I have an edited version of the blurb y’all had summarizing what FRC is; I just found the second sentence a bit clunky but, in my opinion, my fix also isn’t phrased super well so feel free to toy around with it: Team 3161 competes in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), an annual competition which challenges teams of students from around the world to design, build, and program a 54kg (120lb) robot in 6 weeks. Each year, a new game is released, with the robot performing a specialized set of tasks; robots compete in 3 versus 3 matches in tournaments style events dubbed regionals?
…The Sponsors section: first things first (I haven’t done a deep dive on your sponsors) but make sure you’re complying with sponsor’s “branding standards” if they have any rules they’d like y’all to comply with in relation to using their logo; second off, I would make them all transparent unless the white background is necessary to visibly see one of the logos i.e I would pull a transparent version of the Century 21st logo but I understand that the CVS solutions logo does need the white background.

Otherwise, great work on the website :smiley:

That’s slick! my only suggestion would be putting some sort of standard background on the sponsor logos, as the Century 21 logo sticks out with the white background.