Team 3175 Knight Vision Robot Reveal: Falcon Lite

Team 3175 is proud to reveal our tenth robot, Falcon Lite. We are currently set to be competing at the FiM Center Line District Event, and the FiM Livonia District event.

We’d like to thank our sponsors: The Pradko Family, FCA Foundation, Shogren Sprockets, Buffalo Wild Wings, McCann Ice Arena, WalMart, Target, Kroger, Mod Pizza, TCBY, Blake’s Apple Orchard, Air Time, and University Liggett School.

We’d like to wish everyone good luck this season!


Nice looking robot, good job getting it complete. I assume those are test bumpers and you all will be making new ones for competition, right?


Yes! We simply were trying to get our intake tested and drive practice with the bumpers on before lockup, and hadn’t had time yet to send out the bumper fabric to get it embroidered, so we just threw incomplete bumpers on for the time being.

Also, bonus content! Here’s a little bit of our robot doing some drive practice (we set practice mode to teleop only to get a timed practice):

Great looking robot, cant wait to see you at Livonia!

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