Team 3175's Infinite Recharge Scouting App

Team 3175 Knight Vision is proud to release our 2020 Infinite Recharge Scouting App. It is free for anyone to use.

It runs completely offline except for downloading match schedules (which is admittedly necessary), which you only have to run once on a single Android device connected to the internet using mobile data (or multiple if you plan on using multiple Androids for scouting). It is also versatile in that you can scout on a Windows device as well as through an Android phone app, so if you don’t have enough laptops or phones, you can use a hybrid of both. Communication of match data is expected to be over Ethernet or over USB.

This app also generates individual scouting sheets on every team in Excel at your event that allows you to see how they did in each individual match, as well as a summary tab that allows you to filter teams and sort by whichever data metric you desire (We have maximum, minimum, median, average, percentage completed, and standard deviation for any stats that might be applicable). In addition, it has a match planning tab, which allows you to see a summary of what each team in your match might be capable of. (Admittedly the match planning tab is not very good, just meant for a rough summary).

Note: As of right now we do not have inner port tracking in the app, because of anticipated difficulties to scout due to sightlines. I will attempt to attend a Week 0 event or watch one over stream, and observe there if inner port tracking is easily scouted by a reasonable observer. If that is found to be easily scouted, we will have an update pushed out before Week 1 events begin.

Please check it out! (Instructions are on the main GitHub page)

(Also taking suggestions for improvements)

PC Component
(Also contains scouting form for use by other computers that are not the lead scout computer).

Companion app (necessary to download match schedules)

Scout-specific app


I have a few suggestions for you app

  1. I think it would be useful if you had a box for balls preloaded with.
  2. Is possible for me to use this program on google chromebooks???
    Other than that I really love this program and hope to use it this year
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IMO, I think this should be included, easy or not. Im not sure if or how it would mess with the Excel, but there may be an event where it is easy to see, but now you can’t track it. If you add it, people have the option as to whether or not to track it, instead of missing out on potentially important information

I have not downloaded or taken a look at the app yet, this is all just opinion based on what I just read

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Hey Ben!

This is an interesting suggestion, and I will consider adding this. Generally, I would leave this to the notes section in autonomous, but I can see where something like this would be useful (scouting potential second round feeder bots).

Unfortunately, the Excel component for the scouting app (the “head scout” portion) can only be used on Windows computers. However, if you are looking into potentially a web form that can export to a text file that runs on Chrome OS for scouters specifically, I can definitely look into that, with week 1 events being over a month away.

I am actually about to open up a branch on the GitHub to add in inner goal capability and intend to have that finished as quickly as I can assuming no errors. Adding inner goal capability will require some extra time, especially in the Excel, however I’m not opposed to putting in that extra time.

Edit: also the new version of the scout-specific app on Android that I am currently working on will remove the fact that the app crashes if you hit “Start Match” without having downloaded the match schedules first, and just show an error, considering I can see on the Google Play Console that every crash of the app has been that reason. Yay for Exception handling!

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This is phenomenal. I have been trying to wrap my scouters around creating a program and this is great. 4130 will be utilizing this program this season for sure.


That is what I was looking into I know using excel on chromebooks is too complicated and my plans are to have the head scouter program on my laptop. And the scouters use their chromebooks to scout.

Hi Anthony,
I am Matt from team 4381 Twisted Devils in Michigan. We downloaded your system and when testing we found that when we connected out tablets to a PC we could not view the Documents folder. It was viewable on the tablet itself, but we would like to be able to view it from the computer to do file transfer. I’m not sure if this is an issue on your end or ours but any insight you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
Matt, Team 4381, Twisted Devils

Generally, you will want to make sure your tablets are set to “file transfer” rather than charging when they’re plugged in. Setting them to file transfer will usually fix the issue.

Edit: In addition, I’ve noticed that i need to push an update to the companion app to the app store. However my app keys randomly stopped working properly to generate the signed APK, so i will need to resubmit the app to the Play store. Just a warning ahead of time for everyone.

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Hey Anthony,
Another member of 4381 here. We had the tablets set to file transfer and could access every folder on them except for documents. We’re very perplexed by the issue. I’m not really sure what else to do.
Team 4381

That’s very strange. What Android OS version are you running?

Dear Anthony,
Thank you, for that information however I did set it to file transfer, but only some of the files would show up. The documents file never showed up. I tried android tablets and phones. Then, when I used my galaxy S8+, it did show up, so I am still confused as to why it does this.
Matt, Team 4381, Twisted Devils

I assume no iOS support since there’s no mention? It’s going to suck with a team on iOS.
(I’m the only with Android… + Mentor but…)

If I remember correctly the tablets are running Android 6.0.1 (I won’t be able to check until Saturday)

P.S…our team is currently working on a more visual scouting app that will work on both iOS and Android. It will work similarly to this app and the generated excel file will be AirDropped and/or sent by Bluetooth to a computer. Here’s a link to the current scout UI (it’s not 100% complete yet)

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Your app sounds perfect for our needs, please let me know when it is complete.
-Matt, Team 4381, Twisted Devils

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Hi Anthony,
We downloaded two apps onto a Kindle Fire 7:
After several tries, the COMPANION successfully downloaded 2019iacf, both team list and match list. We opened both files and they appear to be fine. We used 2019 because there is no data yet for 2020. We had intended to put in hypothetical data to test all the buttons out.

On the other hand, the SCOUTING app freezes on us. When we click on the upside-down-triangle for a drop-down menu, it gives us a blank white rectangle. There is no keyboard to type info into the rectangle and no other button to try to move forward.

What would you advise?
Thank you.

Howdy everyone, I apologize for replying so late, I’ve been very busy lately with school (as well as going to the FACC competition this past weekend).

This would be correct. I do not have an iOS device to test this on, and in addition it would cost $99 a year to post apps to the iOS app store, instead of a 1 time fee of $25 to post on Google play. I apologize.

I will check into the that then, as I designed the app with functionality around at a minimum Android version of Android 6, however all the testing I did was using multiple Android 10 phones.

May I ask if you downloaded the match schedules using the Companion App before trying to use the SCOUTING app? Generally, the scouting app will preload the match numbers if you have downloaded it on the companion app first. Also, make sure you fully close out the FRC 2020 SCOUT app before reopening it, so it will try and load the data.

When running the app on my android phone the notes on the autonomous section overlap the “Grabbed From” toggle lines and I’m not able to toggle those because the notes section is in the way. I run into the same issues on the teleop screen where the “Defense” button is on top of the “Submit” button.

Yeah, this is something i am working on for the next update. I plan on separating the end game section from the teleop section and making the notes section in autonomous smaller for smaller devices.

Something I would like to ask those whom are planning or are interested in using the app - How important is it to you that the apps can be downloaded through Google Play? At the moment I’m trying to push updates to the store but I’m running into issue after issue due to Google Play. If I posted the APKs on GitHub for you to install using your phone, would you still be able to/willing to install it? I understand that not using Google Play store can bother some people.

  • Would have an issue installing using an APK download from GitHub
  • Would not have an issue installing using an APK download from GitHub

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