Team 3175's "Scouting for (FIRST) Dummies"

At our first (and in the future, second) event, we were able to collaborate with our school’s Probability and Statistics class to help get some portions of our match scouting done, as we are not a very large team, and in return, they could use the data for an in-class exercise. These students had 0 exposure to FIRST, so we had to come up with something that could easily be taught, and something that wouldn’t be easily forgotten as to how to properly scout, and we understand from previous years that electronic scouting often leads to distracted scouts. So, we came up with our “Scouting for (FIRST) Dummies” sheets. Each sheet can hold data for 4 matches (print double-sided), so in a 12 match per team event, each team would be assigned 3 scouting sheets. The guide to this was to show them the game animation and show them a match from an event, and explain just to cross off the photos when a team scores a game object somewhere. We got some really valuable data using this for both match planning and for helping during alliance selection, so we thought we would share our sheets with the FIRST community! (Obviously you would need to change the event name in the header to use for your event if you wish).

Scouting.docx (444.5 KB)

Note if it wasn’t obvious: We are not calling the students themselves dummies, we are just using it as a term because they have 0 knowledge of FRC/FIRST.


Nah it’s alright, most students know they’re the dummies.


Yeah I know, I just know some people on Chief Delphi will end up going “it’s not very nice/GP to call people dummies” so I included that because I’m not genuinely calling them dummies.

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