Team 319 Presents: Bob

Here is Bob ready for Hybrid at the Nashua Week 0 event. Hi-Res Image Low Quality Video



  • (4) CIM Mecanum Drive
  • Field Centric
  • Can go over barrier and bridges


  • (1) RS-550 through a 26:1 BB Planetary
  • Double sided collection


  • (1) RS-550 through a 26:1 BB Planetary
  • Smart elevator for efficiently storing and spacing balls


  • (2) Fisher Price Motors
  • Closed loop control on shooter wheel RPM
  • (1) RS-550 powered “feeder” to assist in ball acceleration
  • +/- 180 degree turret
  • Smart turret senses robot orientation and automatically aims at the hoops.
  • Optimized for fender shots

*Not pictured: Bridge Manipulation Apparatus (BMA), actual bumpers.

We’ll see you at the BAE Regional on March 1-3. Good luck teams!

Your gatherers and upper mech look identical to ours. Its nice to know another team had the same idea as us! That dual-sided gathering system will certaintly set bots like these apart from the single sided/roller-extension collectors.

Good luck!

Thanks! We think that the dual sided pickup will pair nicely with our mecanum drivetrain. Good luck!