Team 319 Presents: Bob

Team 319’s offering for Aerial Assist.

Reveal Video

We’ll be at the UNH and Pine Tree Districts.

Good luck teams!


I really like this design. Very innovative.

…and its been proven on the battlefield unlike some other reveal videos.

I too was very impressed by this design in the week zero videos I saw. Great design and implementation!

Proven to work. :slight_smile: Go BOB!
-Team 811

Great robot, guys! I’m looking forward to seeing where this season takes you!

You definitely were great at Week Zero… probably the strongest robot there!

Looks and works great! How do yall hold the nets up in the frame perimeter?

Silent Velcro

Thanks everyone!

Nathan, if your robot hadn’t been shut off by a ball in the second finals round, we may not have been able to handle the combination of your defense and 125’s offence. Another awesome robot from 1519. Here’s hoping for another Einstein appearance!

There are 3 PVC “arms” holding the nets. The back arm is held in by the two side arms and the two side arms have velcro straps that are attached to The Mechanism (our collector/shooter) when they’re closed. When The Mechanism moves forward, the velcro is ripped apart and the arms fling open via surgical tubing. You can see them opening in the beginning of this video:

We’re planning on removing the velcro and making the side arms actuated to help us actively catch.

That is a very simple and elegant loader/thrower mechanism- Love it!

I think this is my favorite robot I’ve seen so far. Very cool and simple. Seems to be (mainly) only one moving part. Great work and good luck.

Thanks again! Here’s a video I made back at the beginning of the build season that describes how it works:

Very cool! I had the same concept of using the intake arm as a shooter, but my draft was done purely motor assisted, and we ultimately didn’t go with it due to worries about the required build up of speed outside the frame perimeter whacking other robots. The over-center tubing assist is a brilliant way of addressing this issue, and making an unbelievably elegant machine!

Can’t wait to see it in person!

You named it Bob? I wanted to name my robot Bob, but my team wanted to call it the Phantom instead.

Great robot 319! Can’t wait to play with you guys again at UNH!

Love it 319. You guys always find a different and great way to play each game.

That is a beautiful and clever design. I can honestly say that your solution never crossed my mind when I thought about potential designs. Kudos for thinking outside the box guys!

Nice integration of mechanisms!

Does extra spin from the roller intake wheels have much of an impact on the final trajectory of the ball?

My favorite robot this year so far. It’s simplicity with the collector/shooter will really win matches.

To hear that from a team such as 469 is really something. I’ve always loved how your designs are always different yet utterly dominating.

It does! Spinning them forward (collecting) while throwing keeps the ball on the arm longer, flattening the trajectory. Spinning them backward while throwing causes the ball to come off earlier, creating more of a lob shot. Lots to play with and tune!