Team 321 Teaser #1

There she is…our first teaser. This was taken about a little more than a week ago, another one will be up by the end of this week.

P.S.: Note the zip ties and caution tape.

umm. yeah. i see exactly what this is all about…

Also note the hockey skates and gas can…could this be foreshadowing our completed robot? Or maybe just a random coincidence that I just noticed?

Might I suggest that if you want comments, perhaps you should post a more informative picture. A robot hint is not the game hint, and unless your number starts with a seven, and ends with a one, and is only two digits long, then people are not going to crazy trying to figure it out. They’re going to peruse by it, and then post comments about an actual robot design, when/if you post one.

EDIT: That’s some pretty thick stuff. :ahh:

A stack of metal is NOT a teaser. Good teasers give a hint about what the item will be without giving much if anything away. Now, if you were using a particular type of metal, this would be interesting, if we could see what that metal was.

What could you possibly doing with sheets of aluminum cut into various sizes?!

I’m slightly curious, but not teased.

Maybe you can try again later?

Yes, more pics later this week of the completed moving chassis…possibly a bit of the manipulators.

I was bored, and found this picture on my SD card (no clue who took it), so I decided to post it :ahh:

Edit: Changed title to P.O.P., pile of parts.

Okay. Cool.

I can’t wait to see that!

Madison made an excellent post pleading for teasers with substance, given the plethora of teaser photos mods went through last year:

Now if your mechanism was partially assembled rather than a pile of metal of varying lengths, we could :eek: and:ahh: about it.

Complaining aside, here’s to hoping “Skate-Bot” works out for ya :slight_smile:

so close to meeting those guild lines :smiley: just one digit too many