Team 3256 Looking For Mentors (San Jose & Remote)

Team 3256 is looking for mentors to join our team. We believe that the quality of our student experience is directly related to mentor involvement, whether that’s online or in-person, and would like to provide better opportunities for our students to compete for awards and wins in 2023 and beyond.

We are looking for in-person mentors in and around the South Bay Area (@bayareamentors), as well as remote mentors willing to engage with our students online through chat and video call. We’re especially interested in mentors with experience in technical skills ranging from Prototyping, Design & CAD, Manufacturing, and Technical Management, as well as non-technical skills like Media & Marketing, Grant Writing, Award Submissions, and Outreach Logistics.

We are also open to mentors who might already be involved with other teams, including other local teams, as well as new or college-aged mentors who might still be developing their skills. While we typically meet 3-5 times a week during the build season, we are flexible, and are willing to work with mentors on a more limited basis.

Benefits of mentoring the WarriorBorgs include:

  • Mentor Snacks
  • Mentor Drinks
  • In-N-Out, sometimes
  • Other Mentor Meals
  • No snow or ice during the build season
  • No snow or ice during the offseason
  • No snow or ice, period.
  • Cute little drawn WarriorBunnies on the DTENs and whiteboards
  • Shop cats, sometimes (when they feel like it)

Additionally, this breathtaking hilltop view of the valley from right outside our lab.

Team 3256 is also fortunate to have access to advanced manufacturing in-house, with machines including our CNC mill, 4x4 CNC router, Bridgeport knee mill, Hardinge lathe, laser cutters, and over 12 MarkForge, Prusa, and Stratasys printers. Our shop is always growing, and we have a dedicated R&D budget for shop development. For reference, over half of our machines, including all of our CNC machines, are recent acquisitions made in the past three years.

We’re always happy to welcome more people who want to help us out. If you or anyone you know is interested in learning more, please reach out to our program director, Emeka Okekeocha at [email protected].


@Andrew_L They make a solid point, man



Nah man, I can’t join a team with 256 in the number. Not again.

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Exploit this differentiator while you can! In a few years, this won’t be unique to your team.


Whaddaya mean, “in a few years”? Teams I’ve been on have never had snow or ice during any part of the year (without taking a multi-hour drive to go look for it).

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