Team 326 Looking for some Part help

Our team 326 lost our sponcership from GM this late last month, and we are looking for some support…

Intinally we are looknig to buy a USB Chickett at a reduced price from any team willing to sell. We are also looking into trading for one as well.

Also any ideas for fundrasing would greatly useful as we are starting this year with no funds.

(Sorry if in wrong area, just kindda looked for what fitted best.)

Close… How about CD-Swap? That’s the “Classified Ads” part of CD.

Out of curiosity, what would you be using the Chicklet for? I don’t think you’ll need it in 2009.

And for fundraising, we have theFundraising subforum.

Well Eric we were just looknig to have one for the time being… we are kind of under a new control and our only mentor wants to shake things up and try new things, and he just rather want to have one for training with a new controller (ps2/xbox) for the next few weeks…

The 2009 operator interface will include 4 USB ports.

If your team is strapped for cash, then I’d suggest that instead of programming USB controls on your older robots, it would probably be **much **more beneficial to read as much as you can here on Chief Delphi about fundraising (search through the threads in the forums forums and white papers in CD-Media), and then have your team go on an all-out fundraising/sponsor recruitment drive.

one suggestion is potion a grant from intel. we get a lot of funds 4 them. good luck