Team 3266's robot, LEGACY

Here’s the link.


  • 4 WD Versa wheels
  • AM Super Shifters
  • High Gear: 5.5 ft/s
  • Low Gear: 2.5 ft/s
  • Disc plows on front/back of robot


  • Feeds from bottom slot
  • Intake powered by RS550 w/ 64:1 P60
  • Pneumatic kicker to push discs into flywheel


  • Radial shooter
  • 6-inch KOP wheel
  • Direct drive off of CIM
  • Encoder to control RPM

… hanger TBA @ the Queen City regional!

I love how compact the robot is.

However, in the video it appears to be going faster than 5.5 ft/s. Is that a typo?

Some parts of the video are sped up for effect.

On an unrelated note, we just got back from practicing at 1038’s shop! We got some excellent footage of our shooter. Hope to bring you guys some good shots later this evening/tomorrow.

edit: practice robot.

Did you post any vids from practice.

We got our practice bot fired up and started testing late Saturday. Hoepfully we can make it on to our own field this week.

I was able to get it uploaded last night. Here’s the video.

And we’ll be there again Tuesday evening (hopefully with more of our team).