Team 3309 2017 Recap

Each year, Team 3309 improves just a little bit in some way, whether it be robot, outreach, administration, or all three combined. The 2017 FRC Season was by no means an exception, and that has everything to do with our fantastic students, mentors, parents, and sponsors. Thank you for all that you do.

We hope you enjoy our 2017 Season Recap, produced by Matt Masamori, our amazing media director!


This is a work of art and is now my new favorite FRC video. I actually shed a tear at how beautiful it was. Congratulations on such a successful season and i look forward to playing with y’all at some point at Chezy Champs.

Well done!

Hella sick, Jon. :ok_hand:t2: 3309 was baller this year - wish we could have played with you guys, but I guess that’s what Beach Blitz is for (3309/1323 BB17 champs? Calling it now).

Huge props to the team for an amazing season, and shoutout to my boy Matt for being the greatest videographer in FRC. See y’all this fall!

Congrats on another amazing 3309 season!! What a great video.

Hope we can get the BBQ gamg back together this october.


Congrats on the solid season. Sorry it didn’t end how we wanted. Good luck in the off-season.

Great job on a very successful season and your best robot yet. It was a blast to partner with you guys on Hopper, and I’m sorry we didn’t go farther. Have a great offseason!

No matter what happened, it was still a hell of a lot of fun to be picked by the first seed at a division at Champs! First time that’s ever happened to us, that’s for sure. Thanks for the opportunity to work with your team, learn from your team, and meet with your team.

Can’t wait to see you guys again next year :smiley: