Team 3313 Robot Reveal

Hey CD Community!

FRC Team 3313 Mechatronics is ready to reveal our final robot. We used wood for the first time for our main robot parts (except the chassis).

If you missed our older videos leading up to our final reveal, check out our YouTube page.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter @Team3313 and let us know what you think!

As always, if you have any questions or comments or anything like that, please let us know!

Wow. That’s a nice robot you guys have built. The video was really well done too. Congrats.

How are you controlling your lights? Solenoid module?

Very nice job!! Obviously your team did a fine job figuring out how to play the game and coming up with ideas you could make work!!

Good luck on the field!!

Your robot is really awesome, good job on it!

Thank you so much!

We are controlling our LEDs through a Victor motor controller. This allows us to control the lights just like a motor. So we can strobe the lights using a button and turn them on and off as well.

Nice shot into the pyramid goal, that could be a cool 20 points from one clip.

Looks great:D get in some practice in and you are ready to go JOB WELL DONE!!!
Good Luck at the reg. Team 88 TJ2 OH YEAH and MOE ::rtm::

Looks like an excellent robot guys. About how fast have your cycle times been? (loading, shooting, going in to load again)

Keep up the great work!

Very cool video, I’m always a big fan of robot lighting. Nice job!

Is the angle on that shooter adjustable, or is it just the up/down positions for hanging? I was just wondering for shooting from other locations in case defense is a problem during elimination rounds.

Having seen these guys at our week zero, that shooter is a lot more powerful than it first appears… When they missed (rarely), they regularly shot directly onto the staircase (and audience) behind the field.

It’s one heck of a robot to watch.

Thank you so much everyone!

We had some major growing pains the last 2 years so it’s awesome to see all that learning come together.

In case you’re curious, here’s a YouTube video of a practice run at the Week Zero Event put on by FRC Team 2220.

Practice Run at Week Zero

Some things to keep in mind: We did not have our #1 driver (had a family matter so didn’t attend). We could have gone for a 2nd run but made a choice to just hang on the pyramid instead because, at that point, we hadn’t done it yet. We did not have vision tracking for the targets on. We made the feeder ramp taller yesterday so the Frisbee missing issue is fixed.

But still! It was a good run (31 points).

Well done!
Clean, simple design, works well, completed on time for tweaking and drivers’ practice.
This is how it’s done.