Team 333 Website!

let me know what you guys think about it :slight_smile:

The layout/background should be simplified. There is too mach action for users to focus on content as much. Nice sound though.

what u mean by that?

Looks great. Lovin’ the background. The sound is cool as well, but an option to mute it would be nice.

It’d be helpful if you read up on some basics of web design and usability.

Visit sites like Smashing Magazine to get inspiration.

While you’re doing that, here’s what you can do immediately:

  1. TAKE DOWN THE MUSIC!!! Seriously? This isn’t the '90s
  2. Get a free host (or setup your own server - great learning experience). This would allow you to create your own themes and…
  3. Do not use a cheezey background mixed with a an even cheezier header. puke
  4. The firs thing I see is “ST MIS” - that needs fixin’
  5. No hit counters. It’s embarrassing
  6. NO ADS!

Thank u for ur gracious professionalism. :slight_smile:

It looks good, the best resources that I found perusing the FIRST site are these guides on using the FIRST logo and trademarks. The little bit of work to make the site look professional. It is also a good habit of only using copyrighted material and trademarks the way their owners want.

Using the logo:

Using trademarks:

It’s a good start, but as a general rule of web design, the background should not be distracting, like the sharks. You may also want to make it less saturated, check out my website for some inspiration.

in the spirit of gracious professionalism:

I dont know why Team 333 should be wasting Mr D’s money and time! I am going to buy him a nice 354 Pirate shirt. I’m going to wait for him to come out of the water, onto dry land and become… a PIRATE!

good looking site, its great to see Team 333 back on the map.

Tell Dispenza to call me.

-Mike Vilarelle

My first recommendation would be to remove all music and all ads.

Once that gets done, I will comment further.

If money/hosting is an issue, there are many teams willing to host ad-free, including Team 2502.