Team #3337 and the Local News

Hi all,

So, after finally seeing our robot to the crate, I wanted to post this video. A local news agency here in Baton Rouge did a special on our team this year. Its a great video - though for some reason they latched onto NASA as a keyword instead of First. Ahh well - media is media.


Wow, it said only two of your students had experience, how many hours a week did your team spend working on it?

We worked an average of 25 to 30 hours a week since the beginning. I am a rookie teacher adviser but we had amazing mentors that helped us all the way through. It also helped that the two that the report mentioned are FIRST geeks to the extreme. One spent last summer getting certified in LabView and the other could run circles around the design aspects.

Of course they are both seniors - fortunately they’ve been training their minions well :slight_smile:


Hey look! Another x337 team!

Good to see you made it through your rookie build season well, hope to see you in STL. If you need any help, I’m sure you know CD is always willing, and so is Team 2337.

Greetings from team 2080! I assume you’re going to the Bayou Regional? If so, we’ll be happy to help you guys out if you need anything. Just let us know. See you in the pits. - 2080

I do have to make the clarification that our team is in its second year. . I’m just the rookie :-p


Looks great! We look forward to seeing you down the bayou.

Well, Rookies or not, everyone has problems someway or another. =p Just let us know.