Team #3337: On the News

Hi all,

Before the Bayou Regional competition, WAFB Channel 9 out of Baton Rouge, LA did a great video report on our team. After winning the competition, they decided to do another one to help us in raising funds to go to St. Louis. Take a gander :slight_smile:

Best -
Teacher Team Mentor

Nice one MysterE! I like your robot and congrats on winning your competition! Too bad the clip was kinda short, but hey - definitely beats not being on the news at all. :smiley: And I guess the original report was much longer? Post up a link if you got one.

Very nice. Be sure to send a big Thank You note (like a big team photo from St Louis, signed by everyone on the team) to the station news director. That goes a long way.

Also, let us know if it worked in fundraising at all!

See you in St Louis!