Team #3339 Late Robot Reveal - BUTCHER!

We are excited to introduce you to our 2013 Ultimate Ascent robot - BUTCHER!

The robot is a 30 points climber and can put 4 colored discs on the top of the pyramid (+20 points),
The climb used to be a minute long but after some improvements the climb shortened to 45 seconds.

Our late robot reveal video:

(The climb might look a bit slower than 45 second for filming purposes)

We won the Engineering Inspiration Award in the Israeli Regional,
then we decided to add a shooter to the robot which we had to send to St. Louis with us and add it to the robot on the first day.

We finished 41st in Newton division and we are very proud of it!
We had a great time this season and looking forward to 2014.

Beautiful piece of engineering.
Can’t wait to see you guys rocking the off season once again!

Nice job bummble B!