Team 3339 Looking for Robot Batteries

Hey guys,
Our team (BumbleB #3339) will participate in the upcoming Houston Championship, unfortunately, there are several restrictions preventing us from shipping our batteries to Houston.
Currently, we are missing four batteries and would like to lend a few from any participating team that may be willing to help, just for the few days of the championship.

Thanks ahead!


Hi! Team 3630 would totally be able to lend those to you, what gauge wire do you use?

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Team 6401 has one or two for you. Come find us Wednesday, Turing

I am in need of a couple of “new” batteries, and while I’m “only” 360 miles away, I’m going to fly rather than drive to CMP (inspecting robots). 3339 (or any other team for that matter) - let me know by PM. I’ll pay for a couple of batteries from AndyMark for delivery to your pit, and we split the cost of shipping them to my house (in US, one state over), or I’ll add battery cables to the order (you select the size) which you get to keep, and you pay the full shipping to my house. I’m open to counter-offers, of course! (and I only need two batteries at this time, so this is a one-pair offer).

OBTW, I have a couple of AM 1 channel battery chargers I can pack if needed to sweeten the deal.

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Please note, if you want to do this, you will have to get the order in in the next ~2hr before midnight eastern tonight.

Hey there :blush:
Thank you for your help, we really appreciate it. We use FRC ready INFINITIFLEX 6 AWG 12’.

Thank you!
We’ll come find you once we get there.

Perfect, feel free to find us, we are in Newton with you. We have 4 you can use plus a charger if needed.

Thanks a bunch Zolson, those batteries will help us a lot.
We’ll come find your pit once we get to the convention center.

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