Team 3346: Kamikaze Komets on Bag Day

Here is a quick VIDEO of our robot in action. This is the finish product. We bagged it right after recording this. I’m sorry if the quality is not clear. Ask any questions if you have any.



Loving the unique design. We went for a catapult too but your pickup mechanism is very nice. Can you cross the bump or use the bridge?

I love the catapult on your robot. Good luck this year. Awesome design.

The catapult is awesome and took some time to adjust.

I believe we can go over the bump and balance on the bridge as well. Our robot is going to be mainly shooting across the field. We are not going to try to cross the bump too much. Just shoot shots from across field.

Good Luck to all who is attending North Carolina Regional in Dorton Arena, Raleigh, North Carolina.

Congratulations on getting your team to use a catapult. I failed to do that for us. Good of you to share your invention with us. I can’t tell for sure, but it looks like your wheels might be beyond the frame perimeter. There may not be a whole lot of bumping this year because of the fouling possibilities. Those wheels will be sensitive to even the slightest contact.

I really don’t know anything about the perimeter because I only program the robot but the builders probably took that into account. Plus there are bumpers…