Team 3360 presents : Reaper XIII

meet our 13th robot, Reaper


fantastic video, that climb looks so natural and smooth its crazy.

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I love watching this style of climber running at high speed. Hilarious to watch. Great job!


We love that too, our objective since the first weeks was to get under 10s, with the ultimate goal of reaching 254’s climb time from their 2013 reveal

Old man concern… Is your shooter hood going to get at all close to the alliance station wall when the climb is complete? If not, bravo!

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Good concern, it gets close enough to scare the drive team in front of it.

I love the articulation in those climber arms, and it looks like it’s all passive (springs and such) too!

All passive indeed, only one winch powered by 2 Falcons, and 2 servos to maintain it locked during the match. Lots of design time I must admit, but worth it!


That’s really impressive, nice job!

I love the climb in this! The movement is so satisfying to watch, awesome job!

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