Team 3360's robot reveal; introducing "OverSteer"

Here’s our 2015 final product!
Hope you guys enjoy!

Now that’s a quality reveal video.

(And robot)

Unique auto mode. I like.

Nice elevator, that is one of the quickest I have seen so far.

This is my favorite robot so far. It operates simply and effectively and the reveal video actually reveals the robot.

Everything about the robot is fast, which is why I think you’ll be successful.

Good luck!

We also have a second video that will be presented on FRC Top25 premiere night :yikes:

Love the auto, but what the heck was everybody looking at while it was running?

Goes to show that Ontario isn’t the only strong province in Canada! Looking forward to seeing plenty of strong robots coming out of Quebec. Great work guys! Great to have awesome teams throughout Canada (BC, Alberta, Quebec and Ontario)

Our human player just made a throw over 50 feet

If you dont mind me asking what is the name of that song?

Those actuators… so fast.

Darude - Sandstorm :rolleyes:

JK it’s “Daybreak” (GoPro edit)

a total of 14 Talon SRX and 12 of them are on PID control :smiley:

Dennis Approved. LOL

very nice robot. Enjoyed that auto.

The most impressive thing that no one mentioned is the swerve drive. Impressive robot, can’t wait to see you guys at Montreal!

so awesome

You have a very elegant design. The workmanship is excellent. Best of luck!

That splash at the end. Wow.
Great robot too. Fast and reliable.
+1000000 for swerve.

That moment when our bot looks like 118’s… just less cool, shiny and stuff… you know? :eek: