Team 340 is Looking for a Scouting Alliance on Daly!

Hello Everyone,

We are going into Detroit with a limited number of scouters, and would like to form a scouting alliance with any of the teams on Daly! We currently scout with FRC Krawler on Kindle Fire 7 tablets, which work quite nicely and do not require WiFi. Of course, we will share our data with our scouting alliance partners, which will be on an Excel sheet. If this interests your team or you need to ask any questions, please PM me or send me an email at This will be on a first come first serve basis so please act quickly! We greatly appreciate any help we can get!


Team 4680 from Detroit.

Team 3630 from Minneapolis.

Alright looks like we have a few offers, going to say closed for offers for now, but will post again if we still need help.

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