Team 341 - Miss Daisy 2024 CAD, Code, and Design Binder Release

Miss Daisy is excited to release the CAD, code, and design binder for our 2024 robot Miss Daisy XXII.

Please feel free to ask any questions!


We had a great season this year! This robot is one of my favorites we have ever put out. Here are some quick facts about our season,

  • 1 Event Win (SCH)
  • 1 Finalist (HH)
  • 1 Sustainabillity Award (MARCMP)
  • 3 Excellence in Engineering Awards (HH, SCH, ARCH)
  • 38-22-1 Record
  • 41.1 Peak EPA

Also have some really cool renders to share thanks to @JasN1


Just out of curiosity, what wire connectors did you guys use for the Kraken X60 motors?

For power I am pretty we used Andersens with the powerpole adapter. I forget what the name of the connector is (i’m not on electrical) but for CAN we didn’t solder or use wagos, we just used the connector that looks like the PWM one, and had a 3DP housing around them to try to stop them from wiggling loose.

Do you have video of the intake running? Super cool idea to combine the best of over bumper intaking (get into corners) with the protection of an utb scoop inside the robot.

How did the system behave with collisions?

Congrats on a great season guys, the robot was great! Loved seeing and playing with you guys at champs.

See you at IRI!


Here is a video of the first real testing with the intake. I love how the note disappears and then just arrives in the conveyor.

Unfortunately this video doesn’t really show the inner working of the intake so here are a few images that may better show what is going on under there.

With the full width over the bumper intake being able to grab notes that were on the most extreme edges of our robot we needed some way to center those notes for our under the bumper intake to pick up. We were not very excited about the options that would have caused our drivetrain to be non-standard, so we ended up wrapping a set of timing belts around the intake side swerve drives in order to pull the note into the center prior to contact with the under the bumper intake.


4499 will be there too… maybe we run back champs? :eyes:

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