Team 341 Presents Miss Daisy XV

Team 341 is proud to present our 2016 robot, Miss Daisy XV. Catch Miss Daisy out on the field at the MAR Hatboro-Horsham District (March 5-6), MAR Westtown District (April 2-3), and World Championships in St. Louis (April 23-30)!

Is that… a 10 wheel drivetrain?

I think you’ll suprised at how many teams are doing 10wd this year.

Getting some Daisy XI vibes here. Can’t wait to see it in action - with the same elegant image processing/targeting…?

Going to take a wild guess and say this bot is still low-bar capable…well done team 341! Impressive as always

Count on it!

Daisy looking good as usual, good luck this year 341.

That intake looks awfully familiar…

Looks good 341!

At week 0 in Eagan, MN, there was a 12 wheel drive-- all wheels powered. Don’t recall the team number.

Looks awesome!

I was starting to wonder when I’d start seeing tall robots that do everything except the low bar.

My read in January was that it makes sense to be tall if you’re targeting the high goal. If I’m shooting, I want to maximize my shot percentage in every way possible.

It looks awesome! Can’t wait to see you guys at Hatboro!

Team 341, Miss Daisy has uploaded our reveal video for Miss Daisy XV. Have a look at it here:

Can’t wait to see everyone at the Hatboro-Horsham District Competition this weekend!