Team 341 Presents Miss Daisy XXI

Team 341, Miss Daisy is proud to present our 2023 robot, Miss Daisy XXI. Our team decided on a strategy of obtaining both cubes and cones and scoring at all 3 levels. Cones can be obtained from the single substation, double substation, or from the floor on their side. Some basic specs:

  • 95 lbs
  • 23" wide x 30" long to better fit on the charge station with 2 full-size partners
  • SDS MK4i with Falcons for power and steering
  • Belt-driven telescoping arm
  • Roller-claw style intake with 120-degree wrist movement and locking mechanism

We are competing within the FIRST® Mid-Atlantic district at:

  • Hatboro-Horsham District Event (March 4-5)
  • Springside-Chestnut Hill District Event (March 18-19)

Best of luck to all competitors and we can’t wait to see what everyone else has come up with to meet this year’s challenge.


330, is that you?


330 would have remembered to paint their arm sprocket :rofl:


Had a great time practicing with you guys and this robot last Saturday! See you Friday, and good luck at Hatboro!


Thanks! Hopefully we will be able to get some matches together this weekend!


Good luck this weekend. We can’t wait to see this bot in action! The roller on the back of the cable chain is pretty sweet.

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I love the color scheme as well as the wrist design. Looks like no pneumatics this year?

Good luck at your events! I’m hoping my team will get to see this bot in person at Lehigh.

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Oh my gosh, we were hoping. But alas, we just threw on pneumatics this week because our “comb” to lock our wrist in position was destroying those little servos. So now its a baby piston. So close to a pneumatics-less year, our first. But we always end up needing it. :slight_smile:

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I’m guessing these are tank mounts?

The energy chain management system is slick, and I love to see those tubular mast supports. Takes a bit of skill to get the angles right but the rigidity:weight is unparalleled.

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Troy Dietz approved 1 bar, thats how you know it absolutely cooks

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These are actually zip tie points for the wires that run up the outer stage of the arm. Unfortunately the wires run up the side that is not visible in this photo.

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Long live Miss Crochet-sy

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And it would definitely have had the wave logo to boot!