Team 341 Reveal Video

OK I know its a little late since we have played two events, but here is our reveal video. I just wanted to showcase the nice work our media crew has done and just put our robot out there for all to see. Best of luck to everyone in Week 3.

Whoever made this video is my new favorite person right now. They perfectly captured the awesomeness that is 341’s 2012 robot.

Good luck in Boston 341!

lmao, just icing on the cake, great video, I would have liked to see the balance though (and subsequent MOE cheer, who ever thought of that I love you forever)

We have a button that the driver uses while balancing to “lock” our drive in place. We were bored in the pits at Hatboro-Horsham on Friday night, so we decided we might as well do a light show. After a brief discussion, we decided that the MOE chant would work pretty well, so we coded in all the necessary timings to do it automatically :slight_smile:

I think 341 takes the record for widest intake ever made for FRC. Hehehe.


Awesome video. Awesome robot.

Looking forward to seeing 341 on Einstein this year.


This is a truly sexy robot, and everyone knows it! I can’t wait to see it in St. Louis.

Great robot and video!
Just a quick question, are you guys doing auto aim with the camera? Or is it just there or help the drivers?

Team 341 Y U NO COME TO NYC REGIONAL. Team 333 would of loved to have the opportunity to watch that amazing flower live.

All aiming is completely automatic. The driver holds down the “auto aim” button and the robot uses the camera and gyro to aim at the target and spin up the shooter to the correct speed.

Awesome job!

I swear I’ve seen this robot before…oh wait I did in the finals at Chestnut Hills. 341 is the real deal! Their machine, strategy and drive team are very consistent at being very good. Good luck in the rest of your season!

He did say he loves picking up balls :wink:

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