Team 341 Vision Code ported to python

Team 341 had an awesome robot in 2012, and they graciously released their image processing code for others to learn from (see this white paper). Of course, as its a SmartDashboard extension, it’s written in Java… and I happen to prefer python myself, so I ported the generic image processing portion of their code to Python 2.7+OpenCV.

While not fully tested, this properly recognizes all the images that they provided in the zip file in the white paper URL. I leave it as an exercise for the reader to import pynetworktables and ship the computed data off to a robot.

I didn’t see a license file with their code, so I presume it is distributed under the same license that the SmartDashboard/WPILib is released under, as is this code. I am not associated with Team 341 in any way. (2.66 KB) (2.66 KB)