Team 3419 Rohawks Present: Zoidberg

Team 3419, the Rohawks, present our 2017 robot for FIRST Steamworks, Zoidberg.

Reveal Video

Zoidberg will be competing at the Hudson Valley and the New York City Regionals!

Thank you to our sponsors, Alliance Bernstein, Hunter College High School, Hunter College High School Alumni Association, Hunter College Foundation, GT Machine & Tool Co., and Qlik.

Looks cool - how does it work when you drive into fuel?

Specs if you’re interested:
-2 speed swerve drive (8fps/18fps)
-Automatic vision alignment with the peg (not shown in video)
-Gear placement in autonomous
-Automatic floor gear intake (relies on a break beam)
-Winch climber
-Low CoG
-Possible High Goal Shooter/Hopper (under construction)

The design’s been modified somewhat since then – the top bar with the “hooks” now drives around in the down but open position; it intakes the gear in the exact same way but stays down against the floor, and only lifts it up once we’re at the peg.

The Ballosseum has been relegated to the cabinet for now. :frowning:

Maybe fore NYC… fingers crossed!

Sweet bot! I’m excited to see it in action at NYC.

Can you place the gear on all three pegs in autonomous?

It’s so wee! But really, what are the dimensions? It looks tiny.

Yes. We’re bound to be tuning things at Hudson Valley though.

We fit the tall configuration. Bumpers off, we’re around 24"x26"x34". The swerve modules go up to 10.2", the top of the climber is 34" high, and the gear lift system is 17" high.

Ah… That explains it. You use the tall configuration but don’t have all the space boxed in which makes you look smaller than you actually are.

It looks like you are detecting the peg, and signaling to the human player that the gear is ready to be lifted - how are you doing this exactly? We thought about trying to implement this on our bot this year, but couldn’t think of a reliable way.

Are you referring to the colored lights on the top of the robot? Those are actually not for signaling the pilot. Rather, they are indications to our driver of a couple of things - one, if we have successfully picked a gear up off the ground, and two, if our vision system has a valid view of the retroreflective tape near the spring.

“Zoidberg” is an excellent name for anything swerve drive.