Team 3419's workshop

We’re hoping to get more attention at our school so we can get at least a real room and workspace, however that seems unlikely. Shot during week 2, we’ve had a lot of progress since then. This video is mostly a joke but that is our real work space. We had no power tools until week 5 and the FEmaidens kindly allowed us use their shop until then. If anyone has any advice on how to approach the administration about this it would be greatly appreciated. We’re looking forward to seeing our fellow rookie and veteran teams at the NYC regional on the 12. Good luck to all!

wow now im starting to notice how lucky my team is to be at a voc tech school and have access to 5 rooms and a machine shop one room is actually dubbed the “robotics lab”

in your case, i honestly have no clue how you would talk to administration if thats what they gave you

I know of a team who had it even worse than that. They had a chop saw and a hand screw driver (old fashion kind!!). They finally had to build on the autorium stage and it was during play season at their school. They came to us when they needed more help then 1 screwdriver and a chop saw! We finally gave them a few older tools we had and a good set of T allens. We don’t have it great but we survive!!

to approach your school’s administration, you may want to put together some sort of little presentation highlighting the values of FIRST, and how much good can come from it, and then tell them that you cannot represent the school, and do a good job of furthering your knowledge of science and technology without more space and a bit of funding to buy tools…