Team 342 drive team selection process

I wanted to release our drive team selection process now that i’ve taken the time to lay it out and detail it all a little more. i feel we’ve had some strong success with drive team selections and hope this helps anyone that maybe doesnt know where to start or how to go about this. or maybe they want to revamp their process.
any constructive criticism is also welcome
Team 342 drive team qualities and selection.docx (28.3 KB)


Great document! What are your teams “Obstacle Courses, Skills, and Drills” in the driving tests that you have your drivers and operators preform?

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this can vary year to year. but often just lay out some cones, make a course and see who can do it the fastest. something that involves all kinds of driving that would be needed. backwards, forwards, dodging obstacles or defense,
a lot of the drills i run are go from point a to b (being from loading stations to scoring areas), park the robot between these cones, back them in. when we get to build season i think im going to do more recording and videos on this. they may just be simple videos of them happening and not as much a detailed explaination but yea.

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