Team 342 "The True Story" episode 1: The road to Peachtree

On 3/11/09 , team 342 had an interesting time getting to Peachtree regional. Here is our tale.

It’s a sign. Really, who would want to go to Georgia of all places? That’s almost as bad as intentionally going to Clemson.


A. Gamecock


:D. NICE. Did you guys actually get pulled over or was that arranged with the po-po?

Hey Hey…Ok. it’s True. :D. Once get past the outer confines of GA, you’ll find it’s not that bad. :D.

We actually blew a tire on I-26 just north of Columbia. Instead of a tow truck, DOT sent a trooper. we still had 5 tires, so we had a police escort down the interstate doing 40mph. We limped to a tire store and we compiled the pictures while sitting and waiting in the truck stop for 3 hours. The state trooper had a good sense of humor about it.

thats crazy, but we;re glad you made it

Team 547 had an incident on the way to the Peachtree too. They were rear-ended in their trailer, and the guy drove off! :ahh: Their 4 hour trip ended up being 8.