Team 342 Training and Organization


I am attaching a 34 page zipped file for learning the basic C language. I wrote this over the Thanksgiving holiday for our team. Thought others may benefit from it. You use this in conjunction with a free IDE/compiler on the internet. Link is in the file. I am not an expert C programmer but know enough to get the robot to do simple things (prefer C++ and VB). Feel free to use and edit as required. :slight_smile:

This past Saturday we commenced a 9 hour training session for our programming and electrical team. I am teaching basic C programming using a the attachment to this message and a free IDE and compiler. Our goal is to get the students to be able to read most of the default robot code.

We will program again on December 11th for 3 hours. During this session we will finish our C intro and I will teach the students how to compile the default program with MPLAB and load it into the robot controller we have from last year.

We will meet one last time on December 18th for 3 hours. During this time we will focus on the electrical system and attempt to tie the default program to these controls.

I will be mentoring several sub-teams on Team 342.

  1. Programming Team - resp. for programming all normal and autonomous functions for the bot.
  2. Electrical Team - resp. for building a removable electrical control panel for the bot.
  3. R & D Team - resp. for figuring out how we could benefit from technology that we don’t quite understand very well: i.e. infrared tracking, 2 rate sensors, using current sensors to determine wheel slippage, etc.
  4. Strategy Team - resp. for know all rules, considering all scenarious and figuring out how to win in all situations. Also resp. for training all sub-teams on the overall robot systems…to improve each team members individual knowledge.

Other teams are…
5. Drive Team
6. Mechanical/machining
7. Communications
8. Design
9. Animation.

We hope to see you at the Orlando and Palmetto regionals.
Chuck (41.7 KB) (41.7 KB)

Thanks for this… our team has to train new programmers for next year because of all the veterans graduating! Too many C guides are the same!