Team 343 Live Webcam and AIM

Our Webcam is back in action (at about 1 frame every minute to conserve bandwidth) and our students have activated an AIM screen name.

Check out

Our AIM screen name is tempus fugit343 (don’t forget the “space”).

If you see students in Robot Central, give them a shout. Hopefully one of them will notice and will get back to you.

Our robot is also visible in the image. Not live yet, waiting on electrical - which should be real soon now.

Also, don’t forget our EASY Question of the Day! We’re up to 15 winners out of our expected limit of 50.

i was just curious what software you are using for the webcam?..

btw I imed you

Hi, Greg. Thanks for the inquiry.
We are using a registered copy of Active Web Cam, V. 4.4 from IT seems to be doing a good job for us and is relatively inexpensive. Check out the page for further information.
Thanks for checking us out. Send us a message and let us know how you and your team are doing. Good luck in the upcoming season.
Gil :wink:

It dosn’t seem to be updating as aften (once a minute) as it claims. It seems to vary between 30 seconds and 3 minutes. The time stamp on the image is increased in one minute intervals, but it lags(or not) to the webpage.

Otherwise, very cool idea.


Thanks D.J. for the info on webcamfirst. Unfortunately, they must be down today. All I get is a white screen. I will try it again later.
Yes, we realize that “tweeking” our system it caused our web cam to not stay in sync for several hours. Hopefully we now have it running smoothly. Today, (Monday) we will be changing servers for hopefully an update two times a minute. Keep your fingers crossed and check us out again later today.

:stuck_out_tongue: Thanks to everyone who has been patient with us while we “tweek” our web cam. Hopefully by the weekend, all of the bugs will be gone and the system will be more stable.
Our team members are especially excited about the instant messaging feature. Thanks to those of you who have given us encouragement and inquired about our progress this year.
Check us out. We should have “formal” robot pictures for the gallery by the weekend. Good luck to everyone this season. :wink: