Team 343 Metal In Motion Bot Picture

Team 343 presently has additional photos of their 2004 Bot on their web page: This is in addition to the one picture posting found in the CD gallery.
Good Luck to everyone this year.

Hey great job guys!
I saw your bot last year at VCU, it was sweet!
This years looks even cooler…and…familliar…

Thanks for the nice comment. We look forward to seeing you and your team at the upcoming regionals and International. Good luck this year. :stuck_out_tongue:

OH PLEASE COME BACK TO VCU GIL!!! PLLLEEEEAAASSSEEE!!! I love your robot! Everyone on the team when I showed it to them went, ‘Oh crap.’ You guys made VCU the past few years! We need MOE, you guys, and we would have the best 300 alliance since last year!

BTW, Leo wasn’t in today, so I couldn’t say hi to him for you. :slight_smile: