Team 343 Metal In Motion

TEAM 343 MiM Robot Picutres
are now up and ready for viewing at Our home page also features shots of various other robots from around the state that participated in the Greer Warmup that was held Saturday, Feb. 15th. Please check us out! Good luck to everyone this season!

…dosnt’t look like your page is working correctlly.

The link should be

Links need fixed. The top table works, the other 3 look for files in:

Whoever did your page needs to fix the links to look for website not hard drive.

Page links are fixed on MiM 343 web site. Take a look.

interesting design… is that a large piece of material to block people from seeing the other side when your on top? raises an eyebrow

The “net” is designed to “catch” the stack of boxes at the top of the platform. It is designed to maximize the catch without unduly blocing the opponents view. It is within the description posted on the FIRST message board at this link:

What is that net made of and how durable is it?

I cannot divulge the type of material this is, but let’s just say that a rancher somewhere near Roswell, NM turned us on to the idea of using this stuff. It’s amazing, it is flexible, but yet returns to its original state when unfolded. It actually adds negative weight to the robot. Now if I could only decipher the writing on these things…