Team 3476, Code Orange, 2016 Highlights video posted

A 2016 Highlights Video of Team 3476, Code Orange, is at: :cool:

We will be coming to Champs in St. Louis in 2016 to defend our 2015 Tesla Division Champion title. :smiley:

Team 3476, Code Orange, was the #1 Ranked team and Winner at the Orange County Regional Competition. We won the Excellence in Engineering Award, the Entrepreneurship Award and one of our mentors, Shelley Nordman, won the Woodie Flowers Finalist Award. :slight_smile:

Excited to hopefully get to see that turret in action again this year. Good luck in your division!

I really like the robot guys! Great work!

The Code Orange Team 3476 Robot Reveal video from the beginning of the season is at:

That video was shot at our practice field which we have opened to other teams. :eek:

My YouTube PlayList of Orange County Regional matches is at: :slight_smile: