Team 3476 Code Orange 2019 Highlights Video Hopper Division Houston


Video Compilation of our robot in action on our Practice Field and at our 2 Regionals.

Team 3476 Code Orange from Orange County, CA
Los Angeles Regional: Gracious Professionalism Award sponsored by Johnson & Johnson
Aerospace Valley Regional: Regional Winners &
Autonomous Award sponsored by Ford

Always Gets the Sandstorm Bonus
Secures 2 Hatch Panels in Autonomous
Uses Vision Tracking to Automatically Rotate the Turret
Finds the Target Regardless of Drive Base Orientation
Fast Elevator Allows a Rocket to Be Completed
Fast Level 3 Hab Climb

See you there!


Thank you for sharing this. I’m looking forward to seeing your robot in person. Good luck in Houston!



I think I met you at Cheesy Champs or maybe Turing in 2017. That year I ranked 2046 as the best robot in the Division. We had electrical problems that took too long to solve at Champs that year so we had a humility lesson. Again, I have pointed out team 2046 to our Scouts as the best team in the Hopper Division.
I don’t think we are with or against you in the Houston Quals. Maybe we will get together on an Alliance in the Playoffs. That would be memorable.
“If you aren’t doing something memorable, then why bother doing it?”

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Wow, what an amazing robot to admire technically, and to watch perform. Great job Code Orange! Good luck on Hopper, I’ll be rooting for you!



I’m convinced you guys have the best turret robot this year, you guys seem to handle it so well for attacking rockets and even for defense (juking the others out by pretending you turned your robot was hilarious.)

Looks like we’ll have to outshine 2046 to be your guys’ favorites