Team #3476 Featured on ISTE Website

On June 26, 2012, Code Orange was invited to demonstrate at the annual ISTE conference, located in the San Diego Convention center. Over the course of the event, the team talked to many of the conference’s thousands of attendees - educators interested in integrating technology.

We recently discovered that Code Orange made the “about” page for the 2013 conference.

Only caveat is that they didn’t link to FIRST in any way other than provide a picture of a team member and our robot, Pipeline…at least we can know that the educators and the administrators were clearly impressed. We are seriously hoping that this inspired the formation of some new teams somewhere.

To quote Southern California Senior Mentor Rick Sisk: “Showing robots to technology teachers is like throwing red meat into the lines den. They love it. And who better to give it to them but students from Code Orange Frc, Carpe Ductem! And Robzilla with guest appearances by Liberty Naud, The Holy Cows. You guys are the most awesomeness people in the world.”

This was my favorite outreach event of the year… We impacted so many teachers, who will in turn impact thousands of their student’s lives. It makes me proud of my team and of FIRST.

Good job guys! Great way to get the word of FIRST out there!

Pretty awesome. They asked me to help find teams for them in San Antonio for the conference.

So, any teams in the area up for a couple days of fun?

Team Appreciate might be interested with our FRC and FTC bots. When are the specific dates they want teams there? Can you share any specifics with me? If you need to DM, that will be ok as well.

I am not available myself but I think we could get some kids and bots there.


Patrick Felty, Alamo FIRST RD, and myself, FTC & FLL affiliate partner, meet with the advance team back in August. We talked some ideas so stay tuned. Rich give me a pm or ring on the phone after the Holiday week.