Team 348 NEEDS your help

Hey Everyone,

Team 348 has just been accepted to attend the Boston Regional. The only problem is that we need to raise at least $2000 to attend the competition and pay for some extra things for the competition. We need some ideas about how we can gets some money fast. We already have hit up all the companies in the area for donations.

There are no bad ideas


Here are some ideas we used before:

-You should call you local paper. They can interview your team and write an article about your situation. It helped us in our rookie year. We got donations and it was easier to contact companies - bring a copy of the paper to show them.

-Even though you said you talked to all companies, remember that it is much easier to get a donation from a small company than the big ones. It doesn’t need to be high tech. Try local banks, insurance companies, rotary club, auto shop, auto dealers, etc.

-We also write an “official letter” and ask our parents to send by email to their friends.

Make a list explaining why you need the funds. Some people may prefer to give you the part/product you need than give funds. It works the same way. Usually they don’t want to make donations for traveling.

Good Luck!

Usually if you rally parents you can get them to make small donations that add up fast. You can also scrape together small amounts of money ($100-$600) via car washes, and selling food (donuts, pizza etc) at school or elsewhere. If you feel you might miss the deadline, call FIRST and let them know ahead of time.

bottle and can drive!
pass out fliers like its your job. 340 once raised $1126 just from bottles and cans!

You may want to check out this thread on how the firebirds managed to raise $6000 in about a week, and even contact some of those 433 members to get advice on how you would do the same.

Let’s see $1126 at about 5 to 10 cents a can thats somewhere between 11,260 to 22,520 cans :eek:
Now thats a lot of cans, bet you guys had fun cashing them all in:ahh: .

Team 27 just raised $1800 some dollars in a can drive, if you get everyone to go out for 4 hours they can get $100 easily, just make sure you all split up.

We also did a garage sale of stuff the community donated, and friday we’re doing a “parent’s night out” which basically is us watching kids for 4 hours and entertaining them, for $15 a kid. It’s a great fundraiser and community outreach (we demo the robot).

Hmm… Norwell, MA? If you’re talking about cans, I think most Boston area colleges are in finals right now. Which would mean that it could be a “fruitful” weekend :wink:

Have students stand in front of a bunch of local coffee shops with information on your team. Thats how we used to pay for nationals back in the day. You could also try and setup a poker tourney or a LanParty! :smiley:

one crazy way 340 made money was by having a bowl-a-thon having people “sponsor” you X cents per pin in three games.

It was a ton of fun and we made a good amount of money

  1. 1676 had a car wash and a cake sale. we made at least a $1000 from each
  2. lots and lots of bake/food sales :smiley:

hope that helps. good luck!

This is true! i only got 3 sponsors last year, and i made ~80 dollars. I would strongly encourage you guys to consider this. This is an easy way to make money. Most people are willing to donate. And like John said, it’s a ton of fun. A lot of fundraisers aren’t very fun to do, but bowling is an awesome way to raise money! You wont know until you try! It’s also very good for team building, especially right before the season! Talk with a local bowling alley, to see if they can cut you a deal, for shoes and lane rental.

Here are my fundraising ideas from both college and high school.

  1. It is Christmas time, pass out fliers that you will put up christmas lights for some cash ( I live in a small ranch style house and would pay someone probably 20/30 dollars to put up my lights)

  2. Put a penny jug near your vending machine. Like one of those Hinckley and Schmidt oversized water jugs. Put a sign like “Put those Pesky Pennies to good use, support your robotics team!” or “tired of picking through pennies? Put them to good use, sponser your robotics team!” “These machines won’t take your pennies but we will! Support robotics”

  3. Run Concessions, wether it be at your high school basketball game or a youth sporting event, people like food… you can make some great profits… I know our debate team ran concessions for the speech regional at our school.

  4. Bag at IKEA. IKEA doesn’t have baggers, but they let local groups come in and bag for tips. We did this in cheerleading and made a bunch of money.

  5. BAKE SALES! Bake sales are amazing, they are cheaper than vending machines and can be held anywhere… Talk to your local banks, stand in their lobbies with baked goods… people always buy things when they have money.

  6. Ask for donations for Christmas instead of presents. “All I want for Christmas is a couple of bucks for my Robotics team to go to regionals” Show off some video and a picture of you and your robots friends and you should be good to go.