Team 348 Robot Reveal

Here is a link to our reveal video:

You may notice the suction cups on the end of our forklift arms. Those particular cups did not work with our vacuum system, but the day after this video was taken, new suction cups came in that allow us to pick up totes from the top purely with suction and drive around without it falling off, but unfortunately we do not have any video of that.

Feel free to comment with suggestions or thoughts and thanks for taking a look!

Nice looking machine! I’d love to see some video of the suction mechanism. Do you find the suction makes stacking faster?
Good luck this season!

Suction doesn’t make it faster to stack (although it doesn’t make it slower), but it definitely makes it easier to pick totes up when they are all aligned next to each other.

Very nice Robot! Good Luck.

But I do have a question for you. Can your robot pick up a trash can if it is on it’s side laying on the ground?

Not directly, we have to tip it back right side up first, which we are able to do, but it takes a while, so it is currently not really feasible in a timed match.

Good luck this year!

Nice Bot and great work. Best of luck to you and your team!


For a very brief second I thought that I was looking at my team’s own tote and bin grabbing mechanism.

Very cool robot, and the suction cups are very creative! Good luck!

It looks kind of humanlike to me. Stacks good too!
Can you increase the elevator speed or at you running out the motors as it is?

We can significantly increase the elevator speed, we are using a Toughbox with 2 Cims. We will probably play around with the speed until we find a good balance of speed and control.

Also thank you to everyone for the compliments and good lucks!

If I may ask how do you guys disconnect your claw or suction…device? to fit within transport size or does it fit without removing anything or having to change its position before a match?

Our forks are each attached to a structure made from 1x1 and 1x.5 aluminum that rides the linear rails. They are attached by a bolt and an easily removable pin. When the pin is removed, the forks can pivot on the bolt and fold up to fit within the travel configuration.

Hooray! A team mentioned in the Pine Tree predictions that has a reveal on CD!

95 is looking forward to competing with you at Pine Tree. :slight_smile: