Team 348 Showcase

Testing in the school library.

I think that is the definition of low center of gravity.

great job! we’re stumped with our shooter. Any ideas you might pass on to my team? Your shooter is great!


Steve Miller
Coach 3355

A+ packaging. That’s a lot of bot packed into not a lot of space. I’m impressed.

I think this all depends on your setup

Our shooter wasn’t quite getting the height until we added that green pool noodle, which makes the ball sit higher on the catapult arm. I’m not sure how your shooter is configured, but if you could get the ball further away from your pivot point without compromising ball control during the shot that could help.

Good thing you did not hit any of those potted plants on those book shelves.

haha I know, there were some closer that we had to move :stuck_out_tongue: