Team 3528 Robot

Here is our robot for 2012. Check it out! If you have any questions we would love to answer them!



Very cool Robot!

I never would have thought to use a scissor lift like that. nice job 3528

I really like your design. Its going to be one of those “one of a kind” bots this year. This is just me I would be worried about someone hitting you while scoring. It looks promising!

Love the robot! Very accurate, too! We have a similar scoring strategy, but with a shooter. I can’t wait to see it in competition! What regional(s) will you be competing at?

Thanks! I appreciate it! Yeah thats what we were worried about too. The scissor lift is very strong actually. When its up it doesn’t shake much at all when its hit, is very sturdy.

Thanks! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: We will be competing in the Kansas City Regional and the Oklahoma Regional.

Thanks! I’ll be sure to watch the webcasts! Good luck!

2-3 second to lift :confused: this is plenty of time for a defense bot to push you off alignment.

make it faster !@!!!

Depends on the defender and the drivetrain.

How well/fast do you collect balls on a field? How well do you maneuver?

Si Senor!

Have you tested your bot with other bots to see if you can be pushed sideways by them? If not, it would be SO COOL if you had some type of outriggers or something to give you more traction…

oh man that would be so cool

We were originally thinking about a robot like yours that had the feeder angled up towards the top hoop and we would have rollers shooting the ballls on the loader to the top hoop.

We collect balls pretty fast. Its not to slow but not to fast, about medium. We had a little trouble figuring out how to get it running better with what motors we had. However, thats not our teams main goal (to score hoops). Our main goal probably like everyone else is to get on the bridge.

No we have not yet, we haven’t gotten a chance too. They are mecum wheels so it doesn’t have the best traction.

Oddly enough when I saw the action of your bot I remembered the rube goldberg-ness of Robotnauts 118 last year. I think that in the years to come, Up Next is literally going to be the next 469 because of how they have, two years running so far, come up with such brilliant and unique ideas for robots.

This is a very well executed design.

Ew, a scissor lift.

Cool, one that actually works.

Legit, this thing looks solid. I would take care to really strengthen that thing up. Nothing shows the fragile nature of scissor lifts like taking a head on collision with a 120 lb robot.

  • Sunny G.

I really believe it depends on if the dumper is quick and accurate. If a shooter and a dumper take the same number of shots and the shooter’s going for top hoop and the dumper’s going for middle… the shooter just has to make 2/3 shots or better to outscore the dumper (assuming the dumper is 100% accurate).

Lets say a really good shooter is close to 100% accurate as well, well then the dumper has to outpace the shooter and get 3 baskets per the shooter’s 2 to stay even with them.

It’s a pretty interesting situation to me. Esspecially if alliances use ball management strategies or passing/feeding. Two robots feeding balls to an accurate 3 pt shooter or 3 robots gathering and taking as many shots or dumping as much as each can…

I really liked your team’s defense strategy last year, but it’s great to see 3528 transition to a legit scorer in its second season.

My! It’s good to see team 3528, UPNEXT back and a bigger threat than ever! :D. Best of luck to you guys from Team 1710! And a personal gesture from me ;). I’m sure you guys are well on your way training with drivers and will have the routine down to 10 seconds flat! :smiley: Hope to see you guys again this year! Good luck!

The scissor lift is pretty strong. It doesn’t wobble much when it get hit hard, so we are happy with it. Its very accurate and durable.