Team 3528 Week One Complete

I just wanted to give everyone a quick update about how our second year team did at the KC Regional. If you haven’t seen our dumper robot, visit our youtube and check out some videos @

Going into the competition we didn’t really know what to expect, but when we got there, we realized we were a one of a kind scoring robot. All other 63 teams were shooter type robots using some kind of wheel or catapult system.

Day One went great, we had very little changes to be made after inspections which allowed us to get out on the practice field all most of the day. That helped us alot just because people got to see us in action right away and needless to say, alot of teams were impressed.

Day Two we won all of our matches. One thing that helped us alot was a 100% consistent autonomous mode. Again, we were a completely unique robot at the regional so there was ALOT of buzz going around about our team. Everyone was pretty excited considering we were a second year team and we didn’t have much expectations going in.

Day Three we had some connection problems to the field which left us dead in the water after autonomous. We got it fixed by the third match that day and after that third and final match we were ranked one overall. The excitement on our team was immeasurable. By alliance picking time, we were down to #2 but that was okay with us :slight_smile:

Quaterfinals went great for us and we had some real nail biting last minute bridge balances by our teammate which helped us win one by 2 points.

Semi-Finals started out okay. We won one, the other team won one and it was down to the tie breaker… Of course, right then and there, we had connection problems again and were dead in the water. We ended up losing by 10ish points. It was a sad loss but we never expected to go that far. It was an amazing experience for our team and we are super excited for our next regional in Oklahoma :slight_smile:

If anyone has any questions at all please let us know and we’d be happy to answer them. I was a scouter for a good portion of the regional so I can give anyone some pointers-tips-insight about what I saw.

Student Mentor
Team 3528 Up Next!

Not too long after you went dead, our button box went dead also - we lost our ability to shoot balls. All we could do was go balance with 1802 and hope for the best.

We (525) were thrilled when you picked us to be part of your 2nd seed alliance. 3528, 525, and 1802 had a good run and KC was a great event. Congrats to 1986, 16 and 3784 - they really had their shots dialed in for the finals. They looked unstoppable.

Well done 3528. We thoroughly enjoyed our 2 on 3 match together, and our scouts were very impressed with you all weekend.

Your team has risen to local prominence even faster than ours did. Picked up for elims as a rookie, and a well deserved 2nd seed with an undefeated record as a 2nd year team. I can’t wait to see what UpNext has up next. We’ll be watching Oklahoma and cheering you on.