Team 3574's Big Bling Board running on the Beaglebone Black

That’s right, 6 pairs of safety glasses in a row, BBBBBB.

There’s 9 1024 RGB LEDs, each individually addressable, for a 96x96 display (QQQVGA, probably).

What’s in it:

  • 9 32x32 RGB panels
  • 2 9A 5v Pololu Voltage regulators
  • 1 Beaglebone Black
  • 1 LEDscape octoscroller shield
  • 1 2A 5v white box regulator

The panels can be found at Adafruit and Sparkfun. The shield was made by OSHpark.

On the BBB side of things, we can play any properly scaled video that FFMpeg can handle at over 60fps. There is a UDP socket on port 9999 that accepts compressed RGB frames to display, and we’ve written a pygame compatible library for that. Source modifications are here:

One lesson we had with this that may be useful for other teams, big bright displays can cause regulators to dip their voltage outputs. We originally had the BBB wired directly to one of the panel voltage modules, but sudden changes in brightness caused the BBB to brown out.

I saw this, in person, at Wilsonville! It looked SICK!! I’m waiting for you guys to project a camera image onto it for you robot’s perspective :wink:


What did you use this for?

To look cool. It was pretty sweet in person. They also had some different patterns running when they were in Auburn, WA but I preferred the one they have pictured here.

Exactly! It was also used to arrange a robo prom date at Worlds. By the time we got to Worlds we had pygame programs for thanking our sponsors, red and blue alliances, snake, as well as mp4’s of the US flag and a mandlebrot zoom.

Neither of them made it to Robo Prom, this was for their regular school prom. I know my sister is still beyond appreciative!

Awesome to hear! That made it all worth it.

I’ve hacked with LEDscape myself a bit. Nice job connecting it up to FFMpeg.

Can I encourage you to register your project on Also, it would be fun to do a blog post about your robot build on Let me know!

For those of you that are not Beaglebone Black groupies, Jason Kridner (above) is the driving force / spokes model behind the Beaglebone.

Welcome to CD Jason, thanks for stopping by!

Thanks! I’ve been lurking for a while. I did a brief mentoring stint with Team 2851. I also visited the Worlds in St. Louis while I was working with LEGO on the EV3 (not that I did that much on it). Anyway, it is nice to come out of lurker mode. :wink: