Team 358- Video

A short video of Team 358’s robot, a hybrid Lifter/Kicker?

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nice hand mechanism

awesome. definitely a “hybrid” bot for a hybrid game.

What material do you use for circular grippers that contact the ball ?

The hoops are hollow chrome moly steel tube, bent to a 9" dia circle, which are wrapped in tennis racket grip.

The hoop is welded to a connection piece, which is screwed to the end of 20x20 Bosch extrusion, making either piece able to be swapped out in case of damage.

The following are a couple hybrid options currently programmed for certain starting/ball positions



We prefer the pick-off, as we then have control of the ball immediately following hybrid (where we won’t drop the ball when driving under the overpass as we do in the video), but this will take a bit more programming which we didn’t have time for prior to shipping.

Anyone know if there will be a full/partial practice field at Hartford?

Great videos! I’d like to encourage you to link your videos in at

FIRST Objective is hoping to use videos to encourage more schools to start more FIRST teams.


Here’s one more hybrid video