Team 359 Controller pics!

pics updated

Yup he’s right the flight sticks were discontinued i think three years ago before 2005

What? COTS applying to an OI board? What? The cost of the joysticks have to be factored into the robot costs? What? The joysticks can’t be a custom/customized component? What?

Actually, there may be an exception to the rule. It looks like the oh-so-wonderful CH flightsticks may be legal afterall. Read Karthik’s post on this thread page 5.

these are legal and unmodified.:smiley:

Nice anyways it looks very nice and looks like you guys took a lot of time on them!

Nice - we are using dual Xbox 360 controllers (one for drive, other for manipulators) and canning joysticks this year. Natural reflexes…

They are legal and and dont look modified!! so they are fine!!:yikes: :smiley:

wow…you guys are using an xbox controller? how did you guys manage to program that? anyway, looks good nonetheless

It really doesn’t take any programming, just the usb chicklet see link. It takes all the same inputs as your K.O.P. joystiq… although you miss out on two analog inputs and a few digital…

Edit: WOW just realized I misspelled joystick… I guess I have been going to a bit too much :S

is everyone using 360 controllers now!?
well whatever
ours will still be better, more info later
gotta get approval from el presidente

every team should use what they prefer. Our operator lives and dies by Xbox360 so that’s why we chose it. He can practice at home!:smiley:

you mean our shell leis?? If we go to Atlanta, I will personally give one to you!

:smiley: :smiley:


Actually progtramming the 360 cntrl is easy… It just requires knowledge of C.