Team 359 Hawaiian Kids: Almost complete!

Trying to put together the bot after its fresh PC and polishing of parts.
Next up, organized wiring, plumbing, and robot no. and sponsors.:smiley:

Waiakea’s doing well. I hope that you guys are all good over there. See ya at the HI competition…(That is if you guys aren’t going to the Silicon Valley one.)

Oh yeah, We’ve also been practicing with the other Hilo team,Team 1378. They’re moving along and have a cool, flashy bot design.

Hm, west coast bot, anyone?

Looks really nice! I like the color scheme a lot, it’s very clean looking.

Great looking robot? I do have one question. In the first picture where you are picking up the trackball off the floor, it sure looks like you are exceeding 80". How far out does your arm reach?

the bot does not exceed the 80" rule.
Our arm cannot extend past the 80" at any time. The angle of that pic makes it look pretty long though.:smiley:

I see that you guys decided to go 6-wheel this year. How’s the overall weight of the bot?

Looks great! Can’t wait to see it in action at the Chesapeake Regional!

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looks good fellas, what a smart idea to be able to pick up the ball form both sides. :wink:

At first, we were designing it to pick up from both sides. However, a certain “manipulator” not shown yet, will be on the back making it a lot easier to do several ? :wink: We will post more pics as the days go by and once installed.
Our bot also weighed in at 118 with everything on (minus battery and bumpers).

so you are no longer able to pick from “front” and “back”

We will no longer be able to pick up from the back…but with great reason.:rolleyes:

more pics posted on the link at the beginning of this post, however, after adding our last function, it took us 4 pounds overweight! We are shaving gears in our transmission, losing 1 of our 4 air tanks, and trading 2 CIM motors in our drive for 2 FP ones instead.
We “shhhhooooouuulllllddddd” be underweight, I hope.:smiley: :smiley:

Oooh there’s better ways to save weight than switching out 2 CIMS for FP’s. Not only will you lose power, but the FP will get really really hot. If you do go through with it, I suggest mounting a muffin fan on back of the FP to cool it down through the holes.

It’s only 4 pounds. Trust me, there’s better ways to lose it.

Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t the Fp motors the highest wattage motors we get? At least historically its been that way, however I do agree, cims are served better as drivetrain motors as they can take quite a bit of abuse and the fps have a tendency to produce the sweet aroma of magic smoke.

This is a great looking bot, I imagine you have to bring the arm back before raising it in order to stay within the 80"'s which is fine, a lot of teams are doing that including us.

This looks like a quality robot from a quality team hope we get to see some vids soon.

I just assumed the CIMs were higher wattage because every team uses them for their drives, but no more assuming for me! Thanks for the correction, but I still stand by my original statement that there are better ways to lose the weight.

We have tried to look at everything else and found this would shave 2 1/2 pounds off the bat. We had some spare andymark planetary gear boxes and will use them.
Anyone else used them before for their drives? We saw our fellow team, 368, use it on their drive on their 2006 bot and they had no problems with it.

Our bot grabs the ball at 77" from the ground. We have to calk our arm back a little through programming in order to raise the ball and not pass the 80" rule.
It scores very easily during our testing. However, once we show how we knock balls off, people will see how “easy” it is. :wink:

We finally made weight at midnight. About 119.8 pounds.
Hope the scales at competition are calibrated the same as ours.
We tested very extensively with the FP motors and they run quite well, losing a little speed on the top end. They didn’t really run that hot running for ten minutes straight, swapping out batteries.
In fact, the pump was way hotter with the 6 cylinders we are running.
Once we take autonomous video tomorrow, we will post some here knocking the ball off.:smiley: